Providing services for diverse generations

As an integrated lifestyle company, the Nankai Group will provide services tailored to diverse age groups in pursuit of its future vision of being “good for people of all generations.” 
Our “e-sports” business is expected to solve social issues such as increasing touch points with young people and preventing frailty, as a digital communication tool for enjoying competitive game titles that transcend differences in age, gender, nationality, and disabilities. We have also collaborated with Izumisano City on an e-sports camp for high school students called “e-sports Camp”and with the town of Omachi in Saga Prefecture on an e-sports class for senior citizens. Through operating the facility, we are also bringing enrichment to the lives of everyone from the young to the elderly through hands-on workshops, seminars, and other promotional and educational activities, as well as through joint research with Kobe University on the prevention of game addiction.
In addition, the group company Semboku Rapid Railway has set the IC fare for children at a flat rate of 50 yen, the first such initiative among railroads in the Kansai region, from October 1, 2023, to provide an environment conducive to child rearing.

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