Services of the Nankai Group

The Nankai Group aims to improve services along our railway lines together with our customers.

Transportation Business

The Nankai Group provides public transportation services, which include the railway business as its core business provided by Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. and SEMBOKU RAPID RAILWAY CO., LTD. as well as tramway, bus, and ocean freight services.

Real Estate Business

We have been undertaking real estate leasing and sales, particularly along our railway lines and around main stations. Our leasing business includes office buildings, rental apartments and parking lots. In addition, we have been broadly undertaking real estate sales, including residential land sales and condominium sales. We are contributing to increasing the value along these lines and to creating more appealing living environments for customers living in these areas.

Distribution Business

We are advancing a wide range of highly-focused shopping centers, convenience stores, dining and drinking establishments and retail shops, centered around our railway lines, and working to invigorate the communities in these areas. We are also working to develop our station business outside our railway lines, utilizing our expertise from retail shops inside stations.

Leisure and Services Business

We are undertaking businesses that contribute to enhancing the lives of our customers both near and far from our railway lines. We are seeking to increase customer draw and invigorate these businesses, which include travel agency, hotels and traditional Japanese inns, boat racing facility leasing, building management and maintenance.

Construction Business

Nankai Tatsumura Construction Co., Ltd. and other Group companies are involved in the construction business. Utilizing an abundance of experience and expertise gained through a variety of construction projects, including construction related to our railways, the Japan World Exposition and Kansai International Airport, these companies are advancing general construction businesses involved in every aspect of construction projects, including civil engineering, architecture and electrical work.

Other Business

Nankai Management Service Co., Ltd. and other Group companies undertake outsourcing of accounting and administrative tasks.