Real Estate Business

Real estate leasing business

The Nankai Group's real estate leasing business goes back to 1932 when the Nankai Building designed as the fourth-generation Namba Station was built using the latest construction technologies of the time. The Nankai Building, which is integrated with the station concourse, forms the "Nankai Terminal Building" with various urban functions together with Namba SkyO, Namba City, and Swissôtel Nankai Osaka. The Nankai Terminal Building, serving as the gateway to Osaka Minami and Namba, has been familiar to customers over many years. We operate commercial and office buildings such as Kino Wakayama (opened in June 2020), condominiums, facilities under elevated tracks, parking lots, etc., centering on major terminal stations along our railway lines. We are also working to widely develop our business outside our railway lines, including large-scale distribution centers (Higashi-Osaka and Kita-Osaka distribution centers) managed by SEMBOKU RAPID RAILWAY CO., LTD.

Real estate sales business

The Nankai Group has been involved in housing development projects along its railway lines since before the war. The development of Nankai Sayama New Town in the 1960s was its first large-scale urban development project. After successfully completing the largest development in Osaka Prefecture at that time, the Nankai Group has been engaged in large-scale housing development projects ranging from several hundred through several thousand units in various places along railway lines, including Nankai Kumatori New Town, Nankai Hashimoto Rinkan Den'en-toshi, Nankai Mika-no-Dai, and Nankai Kumatori/Tsubasa-ga-Oka, contributing to the development of the areas along railway lines.

The Nankai Group is also enthusiastically involved in the built-for-sale condominium business, and offers the VERITE series of condominiums both inside and outside the railway lines. In addition, Nankai Fudosan Co., Ltd., a comprehensive real estate company, is engaged in a wide range of housing and land-related businesses, encompassing built-for-sale houses and condominiums, land utilization, and remodeling.