Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Nankai will explore the future with wisdom and vitality.

Contributions to society

As an integrated lifestyle company that creates the future, we will respond to the trust society bestows upon us and contribute to its development.

Customers first

We will pursue comfortable living and enriched culture, providing the best services to customers.

Taking on challenges for the future

With strong vitality and creativity, we will take on the challenges in line with the needs of the new times.

Lively places for people to work together

We will create cheerful and lively places for people to work together, capitalizing on each person's wisdom and character.

Group management policies

Thoroughly ensure safety and security

We will ensure safety and security in all our businesses, including railway services.

Environmentally driven

We see the preservation of the global environment as our mission and place the environment at the heart of our businesses.

Ensuring compliance meticulously

We will conduct fair and healthy corporate activities, complying with the law while recognizing our social responsibilities.

Putting the customer’s perspective first

As a community-based company, we will put our customers first and ensure that activities cater to their requirements.