Corporate Image in 2050

We have set our Corporate Image in 2050, from a medium-term and long-term perspective, of what kind of company we want to be and in order to be wanted by society for years to come, toward sustainable management.

Nankai’s Corporate Image in 2050

With our roots within the local communities, NANKAI with an entrepreneurial spirit is firmly committed to creating “DiverCity” in Kansai


With Namba as a starting point, our Group has developed and grown together with local communities, with Minami Osaka and Wakayama as our key business area. This direction and commitment will remain unchanged in the years ahead. The areas along our railway lines include Namba, the city that attracts many people from overseas, and Kansai International Airport, which connects the area to the world, especially Asia. This means that we have the mission to create an area that a diverse range of people, including people visiting Japan, will find most attractive to live in, together with the people living and working in the areas along our railway lines. To highlight our commitment that we want to keep working on new businesses until they succeed, we have set our Corporate Image to be achieved by 2050 as "With our roots within the local communities, NANKAI with an entrepreneurial spirit is firmly committed to creating “DiverCity” in Kansai"

Four elements

●Community coexistence and co-creation, diverse lifestyles—Together with local community—

Under the banner of being community-based, we will continue to treasure connections with people in communities and areas along our railway lines and work together with these people to create diverse communities where diverse groups of people can live in happiness.


●Mobility—Mission as a public transportation operator—

We will deepen the history and responsibility of safe and secure operations of the transportation business cultivated in areas along our railway lines to evolve into more diverse mobility business that connects “person and person,” “community and community,” and “people and communities” towards the future.


●Diversity and globality—"Think Globally, Act Locally"—

With Kansai International Airport as a gateway to the world (Asia), and Namba as a diverse community, we will foster diversity that respects and enhances diverse values and individuality while staying close to Namba, where diverse people from all over the world will continue to gather for the foreseeable future.


●Nankai identity—Strong will to open the way to the future on our own—

Throughout the long history since its founding, the Nankai Group has built its culture and identity and created a new roadmap for the future. Keeping our mission and responsibility as a member of society in mind, we will take on new challenges, become a business group that carries through on its commitments, and open up our own future.

Achieving our ideal corporate image for 2050

As the basis to achieve our ideal corporate image, we will focus our resources into deepening our core businesses and their peripheral segments. Based on the four elements that constitute this corporate image, we will also focus on exploring opportunities to create new businesses (exploring the future).