Sustainability policies, materiality,
system to promote sustainability

To present our commitment to the realization of a sustainable society to our internal and external stakeholders more clearly, the Nankai Group has formulated the Sustainability Policy, and as key long-term measures to be worked on under the Policy, on April 30, 2021, we announced seven major sustainability themes (materiality) that incorporate an SDGs perspective.

We have also established the Sustainability Promotion Committee as an organization to drive sustainability measures across the Group, and the Sustainability Promotion Department as its administrative department. Since FY2021, the Committee has played the central role in setting sustainability targets, monitoring progress, and evaluating outcomes (PDCA cycle), in collaboration with business divisions.

Sustainability Policy

We will create collaboratively and cooperate with various stakeholders, including community residents, local governments and businesses, particularly in the areas along our railway lines. We will also seek both the increase of value as a sustainable company and the realization of a sustainable society by putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice.

Major sustainability themes (materiality)

System to promote the Sustainability Policy

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Major sustainability themes