Environmental philosophy

Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy

On August 1, 2004, Nankai Electric Railway established an Environmental Philosophy as the foundation of the Group’s environmental measures, as well as an Environmental Policy to clarify our policies for the environment.

Nankai Electric Railway Group Environmental Philosophy (Full text)

The Nankai Electric Railway Group views the “preservation of the global environment” as one of its corporate missions, and always considers the impact of its business activities on the environment and will act to create an environmentally friendly society.


Environmental Policy (in full)

Based on our Group’s Environmental Philosophy, Nankai Electric Railway designates the Environmental Policy as follows while considering the environmental impact from our business activities that revolve around our railway business, because we consider this as our social responsibility.



    We will promote the use of environmentally friendly trains and buses and strive to preserve the environment in the areas along our railway lines.


    We will strive to improve our environmental awareness, value communication with our customers through our information distribution methods, etc., and strive to work with local communities.


    We will comply with all laws, regulations, and agreements that we have signed related to the environment, and will strive to preserve the environment and prevent pollution.


    We will continue to improve our environmental management system to ensure that our business management is environmentally friendly.


    We will strive to alleviate and adjust to climate change and to use sustainable resources.


    We will strive to preserve biodiversity and ecosystems.


    Given the nature of the environmental impact generated through our business activities, we have raised the following items as important issues. We will set purposes and targets, implement various measures, and regularly review the measures.

    (1) Promoting business activities with attention to environmental conservation
    (2) Working together with local communities and enhancing communication
    (3) Reducing environmental stress by encouraging the use of railways and buses

We will further enhance our environmental management under this policy.
For the environment management system to work effectively, this policy will also apply to the Chiyoda Factory of Nankai Vehicles Service Engineering Co., Ltd.

Updated on April 1, 2017

Nankai Environmental Vision 2030

In 2017, we established the Nankai Environmental Vision 2030 to contribute towards the sustainable growth of the Nankai Electric Railway Group by raising awareness of the issues related to the global environment and fulfilling our social responsibility to a wide range of stakeholders. We have incorporated key measures and targets in the medium-term environmental goals that will be revised approximately every three years to promote medium- and long-term initiatives for 2030.

Nankai Environmental Vision 2030

[Basic Policies]

    The main objective is to contribute towards the sustainable growth of the Nankai Electric Railway Group by raising awareness of the issues related to the global environment and fulfilling our social responsibility to a wide range of stakeholders.

    Therefore, the environmental vision shall be linked to the Medium-term Management Plan, with the recognition that contributing to resolving environmental issues through all of our business activities will lead to enhanced corporate values.

    There are three environmental challenges that have a significant impact on our Group’s business activities: climate change, circular society, and biodiversity. These challenges and an “environmental management system,” which serves as the foundation for these elements, shall be considered as environmental issues. Measures for each fiscal year are to be formulated through backcasting based on the goals set for 2030.

    We will contribute towards enhancing the environmental values of areas along our railway lines along with enhancing business values, by expanding sources of revenue with environmental businesses and collaborating with local governments.

Environmental issues Direction for FY2030 (target images)
(1) Suppression of climate change

Reduction of Nankai Electric Railway Group CO2 emissions by 46% or more
Based on the government’s greenhouse gas reduction target for FY2030,
the Nankai Electric Railway Group will reduce CO2 emissions by 46% or
more compared to FY2013.

*Partial revision in April 2021

Creation of corporate values with environmental businesses
By expanding energy manufacturing and sales businesses in areas along our railway lines,
we will create new sources of revenue and help municipalities implement environmental
measures in these areas, with the aim of enhancing the social values of the Nankai
Electric Railway Group and the areas along our railway lines.
(2) Bringing about a circular society Creation of smart cities in areas along our railway lines
As an infrastructure company of the region, we will aim to establish smart cities and
environmental model areas that contribute towards enhancing the values of areas along
our railway lines and also contribute towards the realization of a circular society
while collaborating with business plans and experimental projects led by municipalities.
(3) Preserving biodiversity Realization of a society co-existing with nature
We will be mindfully avoiding or minimizing our impact on biodiversity within all of
our business activities, and practice ecosystem maintenance and the sustainable use
of natural resources in areas along our railway lines.
(4) Deepening our
  environmental management
Reinforcement of environmental promotion systems and
environmental information disclosure

We are operating environmental management systems at the level required
by ISO14001 voluntarily.

The design features a green leaf as a motif and a symbol of “eco,” as seen in our forestation activities. Depicting a train car and its driver, the character embodies our intent to keep moving forward with nature.


It is a made-up word that combines “eco,” which stands for environmental conservation, and “motion,” which represents our company, customers, and local communities moving forward together. Together with the word “locomotive” as an analogy of us leading the activities, the phrase embodies an image of active and connected environmental activities.

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