President message

Since our establishment in 1885, the Nankai Group has been developing and growing together with the areas along our railway lines, dealing with social issues in the area from Southern Osaka to Wakayama, through the launch of extensive businesses that are focused on safe, secure and user-friendly transportation services.


Despite the management environment becoming ever more uncertain, we have raised "With our roots within the local communities, NANKAI with an entrepreneurial spirit is firmly committed to creating "DiverCity" in Kansai" as our Corporate Image in 2050, for which we are working on our Medium-term Management Plan "Kyoso 140 Plan (2022 to 2024)."


Conserving Nankai's collaborative creation ("Kyoso") philosophy from the previous Medium-term Management Plan, to "create new value together with our stakeholders," we will work on the "Sustainable management of public transportation business," "Develop the most popular areas along railway lines and deepen and expand our real estate business," and boldly take on the challenge of "Future exploration" through DX and new business development, to reorganize our business and to establish a foundation for growth.


We will continue our efforts to develop the most popular areas along railway lines and become the most preferred corporate group by delivering satisfaction and delight to customers by realizing enriched, sustainable areas along our railway lines that exude optimism for a better future.


Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and Chairman

Teruhiko Achikita


Nobuyuki Okajima