The Nankai brand

Nankai started off as a pioneer in privately owned railways. Since our establishment, we have launched a number of businesses, such as transport, real estate, distribution, leisure, and construction, in addition to railway business. With our long tradition as a backbone, in order to provide to our customers many opportunities to feel optimistic about a better future, we are striving to establish the Nankai brand as a trusted and familiar "corporate group to be selected," by "enhancing the joy of peace and excitement."

Brand slogan

Bound for good times

Bound for good times

Brand symbol

To present our commitment to fly strongly toward the future as an integrated lifestyle company, we have combined two fine red and bright orange wings for the brand symbol.Fine red embodies the company's passion, much like the sun shining over the southern seas, and bright orange symbolizes the generous and cheerful human heart.

Brand logotype

The brand logotype connects customers with Nankai and symbolizes a corporate group that is loved and trusted by customers.