President message

 Setting "contributions to society" as our corporate philosophy, at the Nankai Group we are striving to improve our medium-term and long-term corporate value and to solve social issues, through various business operations to improve the value of the areas along our railway lines, revolving around our transport services.
 Today, society faces various issues including climate change and the advances of the declining population and aging society. Initiatives for "the realization of a sustainable society" that will enable both corporate activities and the sound operations of environmental and social systems are becoming increasingly important.
 In April 2021, the Nankai Group devised the Sustainability Policy, and as the key long-term measures to be worked on under the Policy, set seven major sustainability themes (materiality) that incorporate an SDGs perspective. Our Medium-term Management Plan Kyoso 140 Plan (FY2022 to FY2024), which starts in April 2022, clearly defines the image of the sustainable management we are aiming for.
 Going forward, we will continue to develop communities that are friendly to the global environment and for all, and that are resilient to natural disasters, by combining various services that are focused on safe, secure, and user-friendly transport services with stations as the hubs, including developments of residences, offices and commercial buildings, revitalizing tourism and local industries, and supporting entrepreneurs.


 We will aim for "the increase of value as a sustainable company" and "the realization of a sustainable society" by improving local communities' value as places to live in, work in, and visit, using this value to drive our growth.

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and Chairman
Teruhiko Achikita
Nobuyuki Okajima

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