The uniqueness of
the Nankai Group
The Nankai Group has been growing with local communities, around its railway business as the oldest railway company with only private capital.
The pioneer spirit and corporate attitude to launch advanced and trending businesses continuously is what makes the Group unique (Nankai identity),
which we use to enhance the value of the areas along our railway lines.

Brand slogan

Bound for good times

Bound for good times

Collaborative value creation that utilizes Nankai identity

Creating value as the company living with the areas along our railway lines
Bringing out the appeal of the areas along our railway lines

Thriving commercial zones, enriched nature, regional assets including world heritage sites, and atmospheric local culture. We will bring out and enhance the abundant appeal of the areas along our railway lines.

Respecting bonds with people and creating together

Under spirit of Nankai's collaborative creation ("Kyoso"), we will revitalize local communities, respecting bonds with people and collaborating with companies, organizations, and public services.

Creating topics a step ahead

Succeeding our predecessors' pioneering spirit and entrepreneur spirit to this day, we actively develop topical businesses, always a step ahead of the times.

Ideal form for 2027

Delivering satisfaction and delight to customers

We will create new value and expand our Group's business field based on our "safe and secure" brand, spirit of Nankai's collaborative creation ("Kyoso") with various people concerned and stakeholders, and our strengths including the business capabilities and trust we have nurtured.

Develop the most popular areas along railway lines

Provide high quality transportation services that are familiar

Develop the Namba community, which is the entry point for our railway lines

Mobilize all our resources for measures to revitalize communities along our railway lines

Deepen and expand our real estate business

Increase income properties and advance toward flow business

Complete functionality enhancement of logistics facilities