Major sustainability themes (materiality)

Here are the Nankai Group's major sustainability themes (materiality), "Policies for our initiatives" and "Issues we will work on" for each materiality, related SDGs, major targets, and KPI.

Major sustainability themes (materiality)

Further seek safety, security, and satisfaction

Based on the belief that safety and security are the backbone of our Group's businesses, we will strive to improve customer satisfaction through measures to address stakeholder expectations, including planned investment in safety and conducting safety education and BCP training. Going forward, we will also strategically advance our response to natural disasters, which are expected to become even more severe.

Issues we will work on

Related SDGs

Thriving and friendly community development

We will develop areas maximizing Namba's potential and build a foundation to bring back the population that has become concentrated in cities to the areas along our railway lines, capitalizing on local resources such as nature and the countless tourism resources and historical assets in each area, and through communication with diverse stakeholders.

Issues we will work on

Related SDGs

Create a future full of dreams

We will aim for further growth of the areas along our railway lines, using the opening of Naniwasuji Line and tourism to Japan, EXPO2025, and the integrated resort (IR) as footholds. With a view to the work-style reforms through the advance of digitalization, we will progress community development that is not based on commuting to city centers, merge the digital with the real, and drive the formation of smart cities that will offer not just methods for people's travel, but services for various scenes in daily living.

Issues we will work on

Related SDGs

Achieve an enriched life

We will provide services such as for learning, working, playing, raising a family, and living a retired life, in every scene of daily life, to bring about enriched living that will give a sense of safety to all generations.

Issues we will work on

Related SDGs

Develop a workplace and staff in a way that enables each person to put their abilities to use

We will promote the career advancement of diverse people by organizing environments that will enable people to work anywhere and anytime, and improve employee satisfaction to make work more rewarding. We will also develop a culture for employees to take on challenges in unknown areas and develop personnel who can respond to rapid changes in the environment.

Issues we will work on

Related SDGs

Contribute to preserving the global environment

Seeing the risk of climate change as our Group's greatest risk, we will promote introductions of energy-saving vehicles (trains and buses) and the use of renewable energy to promote a modal shift, and enhance our acquisition and development of green buildings. We will also strive to maintain biodiversity by developing the forests that we own within the areas along our railway lines and our business areas.

Issues we will work on

Related SDGs

Bolster a corporate foundation that is sincere and fair

To dynamically respond to a rapidly changing society, we will strive for speedy decision making, appropriate financial management, and the enhancement of their supervising features. We will also work on two-way communication with stakeholders including shareholders and investors, disclose appropriate and fair information in a timely manner, and improve management transparency.

Issues we will work on

Related SDGs

Major targets and KPI

Bringing about a decarbonized society: practically zero CO2 emissions by 2050

    Reducing CO2 emissions
    By FY2030, reduce our Group's emissions by over 46% compared to in FY2013

    Expanding environmental buildings (green buildings)
    Obtaining environmental certifications for newly developed properties

    Increase the ratio of energy-saving vehicles adopted (Nankai Electric Railway and Semboku Rapid Railway) to 85% (FY2030)

Thriving and friendly community development

    Turning population from a decline to an increase (FY2027)

Building smart cities

    Reviving Semboku New Town and advancing the Izumigaoka Station-Front Vitalization Project

Ensuring safety

    Eradicating liable accidents in our railway business

Customer satisfaction

    Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index to continue to exceed the previous fiscal year

Providing safe and comfortable facilities and services

    Complete renewal of station restrooms in at least 90% of stations scheduled for maintenance (Nankai Electric Railway) (by FY2026)

    Install onboard security cameras in all cars of Nankai Electric Railway and Semboku Rapid Railway trains (by FY2028)

Promotion of health management and creation of a comfortable work environment

    Maintain an average acquisition rate of annual paid leave (non-consolidated) at least 90% (by FY2026)

    Achieve 100% acquisition rate of childcare leave, etc. and leave for childcare purposes among male workers by FY2030 (non-consolidated)

Proportion of female managers

     Improve to about 10% (by FY2030)

Proportion of women among new employees

     Improve to about 30% (by FY2030)

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