Expanding environmental buildings
(green buildings)

Basic concepts

Green buildings are an initiative to contribute to the creation of sustainable environments and improve the quality of life for generations to come. We develop and manage healthy and enriching buildings and local communities in ways that are socially responsible. These buildings and communities have high resource efficiency and are environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle, from the selection of land to their design, construction, management, maintenance, repair and disassembly.
We will attract people and businesses to the buildings and areas along our railway lines by constructing sustainable buildings and expanding green buildings. We will continue our efforts to expand green buildings as we promote plans to construct and manage buildings.


NAMBA SkyO has obtained a DBJ Green Building certification.

In November 2018, the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) and the Japan Real Estate Institute awarded NAMBA SkyO with “Five Stars,” the highest rank in the DBJ Green Building certification (construction completed on September 30, 2018).
The following three points were praised in particular, and the certification was awarded for being “one of the best buildings in Japan with outstanding contributions to the environment and society.


    Excellent energy-saving features, including the use of LED and lighting-control systems in privately owned areas, and the use of Low-E insulated glass.


    User-friendliness for tenants, including the installation of a medical floor and a convention center.


    Notably excellent BCP response, such as the use of seismic construction method, availability of emergency power generators (including in privately owned areas) that will last 72 hours, and stocking of emergency supplies such as food and water.

We have been promoting initiatives while considering the environment and reducing environmental stress. As a result, NAMBA SkyO has been granted rank S, and the Namba Parks shopping wing and Kita Osaka Truck Terminal Buildings No.1 and No.2 have been granted rank A in the municipality version of CASBEE*.


*A system based on the Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE) to evaluate buildings using the environmental evaluation criteria set while considering the regional characteristics of each municipality.


Namba SkyO

Kita Osaka Truck Terminal Building No. 1 has obtained a
DBJ Green Building Certification.

Managed by SEMBOKU RAPID RAILWAY, the Kita Osaka Truck Terminal is currently being redeveloped. Its first project, Kita Osaka Truck Terminal No. 1, was completed in April 2020. In August 2020, the building was granted a DBJ Green Building certification by the Development Bank of Japan as a “building with exceptionally high environmental & social awareness (Four Stars).” The certification is given to buildings based on their environmental features, user-friendliness for tenants, and initiatives by owners and associates.


Kita Osaka Truck Terminal Building No. 1
Osaka Prefectural Food Products Distribution Center
Building E

Kita Osaka Truck Terminal Building No. 2 has obtained a
DBJ Green Building Certification.

In 2022, the "Kita-Osaka Truck Terminal 2", which has been in service since January 2014 at the "Kita-Osaka Truck Terminal" operated by Senboku Rapid Transit Railway, received certification from the Development Bank of Japan Inc. as a building with "extremely excellent 'environmental and social consideration'" (Three Stars) in the "DBJ Green Building Certification". The DBJ Green Building Certification is a certification program that certifies a building's environmental performance, tenant satisfaction, and social consideration. The certification evaluates environmental performance, tenant convenience, and the efforts of the owner and other property-related parties.


Kita Osaka Truck Terminal Building No. 2

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