Diversity and inclusion
(promoting women’s career advancement)

Basic concepts

The Group is continuously working to promote diversity and inclusion (D&I) by setting “develop workplaces and staff in a way that enables each person to put their abilities to use” as a materiality item.
To realize our Corporate Image in 2050, we will create an environment where employees with diverse values, regardless of gender, age, nationality, and the like can work with enthusiasm and make the most of their individuality while balancing work with childcare, nursing care, medical treatment, and more.

Promoting diversity

Promoting initiatives to increase opportunities for women to play active roles in the business

In the “Action Plan for Promotion of Women’s Activities” formulated in April 2021, we have set a goal of maintaining the percentage of women hired as new graduates on the management track (career track for managers and management personnel) at 40% or more. In addition, our organizations engaged in railway operations are promoting the assignment of women to various positions, such as conductors, drivers, and assistant station masters, as well as the development of accommodation facilities for women.
We will continue to strengthen our efforts to further increase and systematically develop opportunities for female employees to play active roles throughout the company. Specifically, we will actively implement PR activities for women during the hiring process to promote expansion of the population, increase the number of work options by diversifying career tracks, and encourage placement and promotion in all areas and roles.

“Action Plan for Promoting Women’s Career Advancement” (updated in April 2021)

1. Plan period

From April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2026


2. Targets, initiatives, and implementation period

Target 1 (Providing opportunities concerning work life)
We will continue to hire over 40% women among our university graduate employees, and widen the opportunities for female employees’ career advancement to systematically develop female employees.

<Period and initiatives>

    From April 2021: Increasing approach by female employees in media, briefings, etc.

    From April 2021: Allocating more female employees to divisions, etc., with few or no female employees

    From April 2021: Continuing evaluation and establishment of conditions to support parenting employees, etc.

Target 2 (Allowing employees to balance work and family life)
We will encourage employees to take paid annual leave according to Action Plan, maintaining the rate of all employees taking a paid annual leave at 90% during the above Action Plan period.

<Period and initiatives>

    From April 2021: Continuing to check the state of employees taking paid annual leave, and encouraging them to take them as needed

    From April 2021: Reminding employees of various leaves

* 16 group companies in FY2018 Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Semboku Rapid Railway Co., Ltd., Nankai Bus Co., Ltd., Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise Co., Ltd., Tokushima Bus Co., Ltd., Nankai Ferry Co., Ltd., Nankai Vehicles Service Engineering Co., Ltd., Nankai Fudosan Co., Ltd., Nankai Shoji Co., Ltd., Nankai FD Service Co., Ltd., Nankai Food System Co., Ltd., Nankai Travel International Co., Inc., Suminoe Enterprise Co., Ltd., Nankai Building Service Co., Ltd., Nankai Tatsumura Construction Co., Ltd, and Nankai Management Service Co., Ltd.


Voices of female employees

Community Development Group
Community Development
and Creation Division
Co-Creation Business Department
Iyo Demuratani

After taking maternity and childcare leave twice, I am currently involved in the “Smile for Families +1 Project,” a measure to increase in value along railway lines for people raising children. I have been developing a plan to make the areas along our railway lines “towns where raising children is enjoyable” by using my own child-rearing experience and collaborating with local governments along the railway line. Although balancing work and childcare can be difficult when unexpected situations arise, I feel that introducing the telecommuting system and expanding the system of shorter working hours for childcare and the period during which employees can take shorter hours, have made my job easier.

Promoting initiatives to increase opportunities for non-Japanese people to play an active role

The Group has taken the position of “With our roots within the local communities, NANKAI with an entrepreneurial spirit is firmly committed to creating DiverCity in Kansai” to be its Corporate Image in 2050, and aims to create a city that is comfortable for non-Japanese people to live in and to realize “coexistence with non-Japanese people” over the medium to long term, such as by promoting the IT human resource introduction business “Japal” in Nepal.
In FY2022, Nankai System Solutions Co., Ltd. hired overseas IT personnel, and we are actively accepting non-Japanese people, with 40 working in our group as of March 31, 2023. We will continue to link the individuality and strengths of our diverse workforce to our sustainable growth as a company.

Sourcing and empowering resources with diverse values

Our Group believes it is essential to respect and take advantage of the diversity in the organization to respond flexibly to changes in the business environment and achieve sustainable growth. In addition to establishing a personnel system that enables each employee to take advantage of their unique traits and strengths, including not only attributes such as age and gender, but also work history, career aspirations, and life stages, we will also develop an environment that accommodates flexible work styles. Our mid-career hiring proportion of full-time workers in FY2022 was 63% (mid-career hiring includes those who converted to full-time employment), and experienced hires accounted for 13.1% of management positions as of March 31, 2023.

Creating an environment where senior citizens can thrive

Since FY2021, we have been gradually raising the retirement age to 65, and have been working to create an environment where employees over the age of 60 can play an active role in the Group.
We continue to implement our reemployment program for retired employees, and as of March 31, 2023, 12 re-hired employees are working actively in a variety of fields. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we are also working to help enhance the life of seniors by increasing the wage level for the “period when they are not receiving a pension” and by holding workshops to help maintain and improve motivation.

Promoting the employment of people with disabilities as a social responsibility

In FY2022, the employment proportion of people with disabilities, including employees of our company and seven group companies certified as special subsidiary companies, was 2.68%.
As of the end of March 2023, Nankai Heartful Service Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary, had 49 employees with disabilities who are engaged in cleaning our company’s facilities and those of other companies, sorting mail, and performing other tasks. We strive to achieve and maintain a comfortable work environment through communication by exchanging information on a daily basis and holding recreational events.

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