President Message

Thank you to our shareholders and investors for your continued support. 


Social issues, people's views and lifestyles are significantly changing due to the population declining and aging, and also because of COVID-19 and the effects of climate change. We expect the future will continue to be impossible to predict and that company management that is resilient to change will be required, assuming that the future outlook remains this way.

Under such management conditions, the Nankai Group has started a new Medium-term Management Plan "Kyoso 140 Plan," with FY2022 being its first year, to achieve the Nankai's Corporate Image in 2050 and to achieve the Nankai Group Management Vision 2027, which will be a milestone toward the future image.

With the "Kyoso 140 Plan," in order to reorganize our business and create a foundation for growth through the COVID-19 pandemic and based on a sustainable management perspective for our public transport business and on our business strategy to develop the most popular areas along railway lines and deepen and expand the real estate business, we will invest in our public transport business to update the business and improve public transport safety. We will also ensure strategic investment, including to promote the Naniwasuji Line Project and for community development in various parts of the areas along our railway lines. We will also invest in launching new businesses to explore the future to create a third pillar of growth in addition to our existing public transport and real estate businesses.


As we steadily move toward normalized social and economic activities with the reclassification of COVID-19 as a Class 5 infectious disease, we aim to implement the strategic actions of our "Kyoso 140 Plan" while accurately grasping the extent of the recovery trend in our business. In addition, under our new management structure, we are setting our sights on increasing our management speed and increasing the effectiveness of our strategic actions, which are indispensable for resolving the issues surrounding the Nankai Group. Ultimately, the aim is to achieve the numerical targets set in our "Kyoso 140 Plan" by mobilizing the collective efforts of executives and employees alike.


We appreciate your continued support in the years ahead.

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and Chairman
Teruhiko Achikita
Representative Director and President
Nobuyuki Okajima





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