IR Communication

Basic concepts

Based on a clear corporate philosophy that is responsive to the times, and as a company that is widely trusted by society, we have established a “Disclosure Policy ” that considers not only compliance with laws and regulations, but also the improvement of management transparency as one of our important responsibilities. Based on this policy, we continuously strive to disclose information to our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders in a fair, timely, and appropriate manner.
As part of our efforts to invigorate the Regular General Meeting of Shareholders and facilitate the exercise of voting rights, we strive to send out the convocation notice early and, in principle, announce it electronically via TDnet prior to sending it out.

Promoting dialogue with shareholders and investors

In order to provide information proactively and ensure a thorough Q&A session, we avoid holding the Regular General Meeting of Shareholders during the hectic period when shareholders meetings are concentrated. In addition, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meetings are held after taking preventive measures against infectious diseases and requesting shareholders to refrain from coming to the meeting venue. In addition, we send the “Shareholder Newsletter (NANKAI REPORT)” to shareholders twice a year to help them understand our management situation.
For institutional investors and analysts, we explain our management strategies, business operations, and business performance at financial results briefings and other events. In April 2022, a briefing session on the New Medium-term Management Plan “Kyoso 140 Plan” was held in conjunction with web video distribution. The dialogue is also enhanced through facility tours, small meetings, conferences, and individual interviews (conducted remotely from FY2020 onward).
The opinions and insights gained through dialogue with shareholders and investors are indispensable for formulating strategies and measures to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value, so these opinions and insights were also utilized in the formulation of the “Kyoso 140 Plan.”

Remote-style presentation of financial results for institutional investors and analysts
Medium-term Management Plan (Kyoso 140 Plan) presentation for institutional investors and analysts (held as a hybrid of on-site & online video live streaming)

Top management participation in IR activities

In light of the current situation, the challenges facing society and people’s values and lifestyles are changing dramatically, so the management must be highly tolerant of changes based on the assumption that the future is uncertain.
At such times, we consider it all the more important for the top management to talk about strategies and tactics. We are also striving to strengthen engagement by using the words of top management to explain thoroughly the strategies of the Medium-term Management Plan, as well as the concept of sustainable management for which our Group should aim in light of the surrounding business environment. Going forward, we intend to create more opportunities for direct dialogue with the management, including plans to hold ESG-focused meetings with the directors in charge of ESG issues.

Expanding information disclosure by utilizing our website

The official website was completely renewed in August 2022. We enhanced the “IR Information” page by adding more IR materials with quarterly financial results and other useful information, as well as by adding a message from the President and a new page for individual investors.
The “Sustainability” page includes non-financial information such as ESG data collection and specific initiatives for major sustainability themes (materiality).