Distribution Business

Management of Shopping Centers

Nankai Electric Railway develops diversified shopping centers such as Namba Parks, Namba City, and Namba EKIKAN, that can meet the needs of various customers. The SEMBOKU RAPID RAILWAY Group manages Panjo Co., Ltd. and PanjoIZ Co., Ltd.

Station premises business

Nankai Shoji Co., Ltd. operates in-station commercial facilities, including ekimo, N.KLASS, Shop Nankai, station shops, restaurants, as well as lottery stores as its core businesses. Nankai Food System Co., Ltd. operates the ANTHREE convenience store chain and two MUJI stores under franchise contracts (Namba City and PLATPLAT). Sentetsu Sangyo Co., Ltd. is engaged in business operations inside the concourse of Semboku Rapid Railway stations.

Other distribution business

Avic Co., Ltd. operates TSUTAYA stores under franchise contracts and Nankai Ferry Trading Co., Ltd. engages in sales at stores on Nankai ferries.

Avic Co., Ltd.


Nankai Ferry Trading Co., Ltd.