Transportation Business

Railway business

The Nankai Electric Railway, which consists of two core lines, the Nankai Line that connects Namba to Senshu and Wakayama and the Koya Line that connects the Koyasan world heritage site, as well as the Airport Line that provides important access to Kansai International Airport and other lines, covers a wide transportation area centered on the southern part of Osaka, including mutual access with the Semboku Rapid Railway and combined transport to Shikoku in collaboration with a ferry operator.

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.




Tramway business

Hankai Tramway is the only tram operator in Osaka Prefecture that operates two tramlines, the Hankai Line (Ebisucho-Hamadera Ekimae) and the Uemachi Line (Tennoji Ekimae-Sumiyoshi), that are popular among customers along our railway lines with the nickname of "Chinden."

Bus business

In the bus business, Nankai Bus, which was newly established in 2001 as an independent company by separating the directly managed bus division of Nankai Electric Railway, Wakayama Bus, Nankai Rinkan Bus, Kumano Gobo Nankai Bus, Tokushima Bus, and other bus lines have established a wide-ranging bus network by setting routes tailored to the local needs in the southern Kinki and eastern Shikoku districts. In addition, Nankai Bus and Wakayama Bus operate express busses that connect Namba and Wakayama to cities nationwide, and Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise and other bus operators provide limousine bus services that connect the Kansai International Airport and surrounding major cities.

Ocean freight business

Nankai Ferry operates ferries connecting the ports of Wakayama and Tokushima.

Cargo transportation business

Southern Transport Services, which has a freight transportation network mainly in the Kinki region, provide corporate logistics services and Nankai Express, which handles international freight transportation by land, sea, and air.

Vehicle maintenance business

Nankai Vehicles Service Engineering provides renewal and maintenance services for vehicles used for public transportation services by the Nankai Group and other public transportation service providers.