Leisure and Services Business

Travel agency

Nankai Travel International Co., INC. has developed a unique business trip support system "BTOL" that offers one-stop reservations for various transportation and accommodations, and has achieved cost reduction, office efficiency improvement, and crisis management improvement in business trips. And for individual customers, the Company focuses on the sale of its own brand products through its website. Tokubus Travel Service Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of tourism products, including the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage tour and overseas trips. Nanki Kanko Holdings Co., Ltd. is in charge of overall business management in the Nanki area.

Hotels and ryokan Japanese inns

Nakanoshima Co., Ltd. manages an inn called "Aoki-shima no Yado Kumano-bettei Nakanoshima" at Katsuura Onsen. The inn was developed under the concept of "One unique hotel on one island," which is rare for Japanese hotels, and the open-air bath "Kishu Chomon-no-yu," boasting an abundant amount of completely natural hot springs, is enjoying high popularity.

Leasing of facilities for motorboat racing

Suminoe Enterprise Co., Ltd. is engaged in boat race facility leasing. Suminoe Enterprise holds night races as well as many popular title races such as SG Grand Prix, and has been striving for the smooth management of Boatpier Umeda, aiming to revitalize the boat race business. The Company is also working on various measures under the theme of "Run to the Future! – Endless Challenges."

Building management and maintenance business

Nankai Building Service Co., Ltd. is working to create safe and comfortable environments for customers through equipment management, security, and cleaning operations for various facilities. Kurakata Shoji Co., Ltd. runs a comprehensive building maintenance business and Nankai Heartful Service Co., Ltd. provides cleaning and mail sorting services for the purpose of hiring people with disabilities.

Funerary business

Nankai Grief Support Co., Ltd. operates the Funeral Hall TEAR in Osaka and Wakayama prefectures.

Other leisure and services business

There are other companies such as Nankai Golf Management Co., Ltd., which manages the golf cources, ADvertising NANKAI Inc., sells advertising media, Kumano Kanko Kaihatsu Co., Ltd., which runs a drive-in business, Nankai Insurance Service Co., Ltd., an insurance company, Nankai Life Relation Co., Ltd., which runs paid nursing home business and home-visit nursing care business, Sumiko Shoji Co., Ltd., which manages shops and vending machines at boat race tracks, and Suminoe Marine System Co., Ltd., which owns and rents racing boats and motors.

Nankai Golf Management Co., Ltd. Osaka Golf Club

Nankai Golf Management Co., Ltd. Hashimoto Country Club

ADvertising NANKAI Inc.

Kumano Kanko Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

Nankai Insurance Service Co., Ltd.

Nankai Life Relation Co., Ltd.


Sumiko Shoji Co., Ltd.


Suminoe Marine System Co., Ltd.