Construction Business

Construction business

Our Group companies are involved in the construction and maintenance of the Nankai Group's facilities as well as condominiums, residences, and other facilities. Since its founding in 1923, Nankai Tatsumura Construction Co., Ltd. has been engaged in general construction businesses involved in every aspect of construction projects, including civil engineering, architecture and electrical work, by utilizing an abundance of experience and expertise gained through a variety of construction projects, including construction related to our railways, the Japan World Exposition and the International Garden and Greenery Exposition in Osaka, and Kansai International Airport. Nankai Tatsumura Construction conducts business mainly in the Kinki region centered on Osaka and the metropolitan area centered on Tokyo, and has won the trust of customers as a general contractor responsible for construction projects for the Nankai Group. Other construction-related Group companies are Nichiden Shokai Co., Ltd., which handles telephone communication network construction and installation of surveillance cameras and broadcasting equipment, Nankai Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd., which is involved in the leasing and sale of temporary construction materials and temporary houses, and Nihon Kemo Construction Co., Ltd., which implements and supervises grade separation (underpass) construction for railways and roads.