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Testing for autonomous operation

Innovative new technologies are being developed every day, and we believe it is necessary for our group to embrace these technologies, utilize them in our business, and provide better services. Aiming to solve social issues such as labor shortages due to the decrease in the working-age population, Nankai Electric Railway has been preparing for an automatic operation demonstration test since July 2022, and has newly installed an Automatic Train Stop System “(ATS-PN)”. This is a high-function automatic train operating system “(high-function ATO)” with a function to store ground information (slope, stop position, etc.) and transmit data (signal present and travel route data, etc.) that is checked and judged by the driver to the high-function ATO in the train.
In August 2023, we are beginning automated driving tests on the Wakayama Port Line toward achieving “automated driving with attendants (GOA2.5).”
In this test, we will confirm the safety of the automatic operation system we use, which combines the ATS-PN and highfunction ATO, as well as the accuracy of acceleration and deceleration to the target speed and stopping accuracy equivalent to that of operation by a human driver.
Based on the test results, the GOA2.5 Automated Operation Study Committee, consisting of experts, will obtain a safety evaluation before considering the realization of automated operation on the Takashihama Line and Wakayama Port Line.

Further enhance convenience with digital services such as the “Nankai App”

We started offering the Nankai App in December 2019, and in addition to basic information such as train operation status, realtime running position, station information, and delay information, we have been improving convenience by adding functions every year, such as the operating status of the Hankai Tramway, restroom availability, seat-yielding assist function, coupon distribution function for use along Nankai lines, and starting linkage between official applications of railway companies connected with our railway lines.
In addition to the Nankai App, in FY2022 we conducted a demonstration experiment of “Pikureru,” a service that enables users to place orders online and pick up their orders at stations or offices around stations, at the Namba SkyO Worker Lounge and at Izumi-chuo Station.
We will continue to expand our services with the aim of “solving customers’ daily concerns” and “creating ‘communities that people would want to live in,’ through collaborative creation with customers.”

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