Forming a new north-south line with the
opening of the Naniwasuji Line

Obtaining the urban planning project approval for the
“Naniwasuji Line project” and preparing for construction

Regarding the Naniwasuji Line project currently scheduled for a 2031 opening, project organizer Kansai Rapid Railway Co., Ltd. obtained urban planning project approvals for the railway segment in August 2020 and the road segment in January 2021. In October 2021, construction began on the Nakanoshima Station (tentative name) and Nishi-Honmachi Station (tentative name) sections, and preparatory work has also begun on the Nankai Shin-Namba Station section and the branch tunnel section, as we steadily advance our efforts toward the opening.
The consigned design for the new elevated bridge we have taken on for the north side of the Shin-Imamiya Station intersection, and the survey of the existing elevated bridge needed to install new railway switches, are also going according to plan. Going forward, we will continue to work steadily on these projects while closely collaborating with the national government, local municipalities, and associates.


Major benefits expected from the Naniwasuji Line

    National core route of Shin-Osaka and central Osaka will be directly connected to other areas such as southern Osaka.

    The Umekita area will become more accessible, and community development in the Nakanoshima area will improve.

    There will be better accessibility to Kansai International Airport.

    It will generate interactions between tourism spots across a wider region.

    There will be better accessibility to the Namba area.

Overview of the Naniwasuji Line plan


Segment to work on

Osaka Station (UmeKita) – Nishi-Hommachi Station (tentative name) – Nankai Shin-Imamiya Station
Osaka Station (UmeKita) – Nishi-Hommachi Station (tentative name) – JR Namba Station

Stations covered

Nakanoshima Station (tentative name), Nishi-Hommachi Station (tentative name), Nankai Shin-Namba
Station (tentative name)

Total project cost

Approximately 330 billion yen (estimate)
Of which, approximately 33 billion yen is funded by local municipalities (16.5 billion yen by Osaka Prefecture
and 16.5 billion yen by Osaka City)
   Approximately 33 billion yen funded by private sectors (18.5 billion yen by Nankai Electric Railway and
   14.5 billion yen by JR West)

Project organizer

Kansai Rapid Railway Co., Ltd.

Operator and
operation segment

Operation segment of Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.: Osaka Station (UmeKita) – Nankai Shin-Imamiya Station
Operation segment of West Japan Railway Company (JR West): Osaka Station (UmeKita) – JR Namba Station

Timing of the opening

Spring 2031

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