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Tour planning and digital promotion

In the Tourism Strategy Department, newly established as part of the April 2023 organizational restructuring, we are focusing on the fundamental values and desires of mobile humans, accurately grasping changes in the business environment, such as changing lifestyles and values, after the COVID-19 pandemic. To create the third pillar of our business, we will work together with our stakeholders in the region to create an attractive town full of dreams, with a view to generating enjoyment and happiness beyond travel, creating a virtuous cycle in the region, and increasing the value of the railway lines.
Specifically, we aim to create value along the railway line and increase corporate value by building an area strategy as an area solution, expanding consumption through new people flow, exchange, and stay, and creating new industries.
In addition, the areas along our railway lines are home to Kansai International Airport and a wide variety of tourism resources that have tremendous potential even by national standards. In anticipation of EXPO 2025 and the subsequent integrated resort (IR), we will proactively create mechanisms to attract domestic and foreign tourists to the areas along our railway lines. At the same time, we will work to enhance the value and brand power of the areas along our railway lines, and in the medium to long term, we will also seek to capture the dynamism of overseas countries that attract people, goods, money, and services from overseas.


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