Improving the value of areas along our railway lines
through collaborations with stakeholders

Cooperation with agriculture along our railway line and local production for local consumption

In cooperation with JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative), universities, and other organizations, we conducted the “NANKAI FARMERS’ MARKET,” a demonstration experiment in which agricultural products and other goods from places along the railway line are transported by commercial trains (freight and passenger mixed loading) and sold at a special store at Namba Station.
This initiative aims to “promote local production for local consumption,” “promote decarbonization” through train transportation, and “reduce food loss” by adding unsold vegetables from direct sales to some of the products, as well as “expand job opportunities for employment of people with disabilities” with our special subsidiary joining the operation.


Developing communities to support enjoyable child-raising

The “Smile for Families +1 Project” aims to develop communities to support enjoyable child-raising.“Exciting Experiences for Parents and Children Along the Nankai Railway Line - Let’s Do It! Nankai Railway,” a series of 47 hands-on events held in collaboration with local governments and companies along our railway line.
In addition, the “Nankai Electric Railway Area Discovery Creators Section” teams up creators who love the Nankai railway lines with our company to discover and communicate the charms of the areas along our railway lines.

“Exciting Experiences for Parents and Children” poster

Support for improving and communicating the attractiveness of companies along our railway line

As part of the #BIZ TAG NANKAI project to improve and communicate the attractiveness of companies along the rail line to increase the number of people working along the line, we are collaborating with open factory events* along the line.
In FY2022, we held a traveling workshop event “Namba de Kouba” at Namba City and exchange meetings connecting each host region.

* An initiative in which multiple companies open their factories to the public on the same day to showcase their manufacturing sites to the public. In addition to corporate PR, it is effective in recruiting, training, and forming ties among local companies. In recent years, the event has gained momentum in various
areas, and in FY2022, it will be held in four areas along our railway lines (Sakai, Senshu, Kawachinagano, and Wakayama), with approximately 9,000 people participating.

Namba de Kouba implementation scene

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