Providing safe and comfortable facilities and services

Onboard security camera

In June 2023, we introduced onboard security cameras in commuter trains to improve onboard security and prevent crimes so that passengers can use trains more safely.
In principle, a total of four cameras per car are installed above the doors. In addition, stickers are placed near camera installations to inform customers. In FY2023, all 8300-series cars (total 116 cars:
as of July 2023) are scheduled to be in operation. After FY2024, we will gradually begin operating the trains with non-8300 series cars, aiming to have all trains in operation by the end of FY2028.


Joint management plan with JR Shikoku
(integrated fare operation)

Tokushima Bus started a joint management plan with JR Shikoku on April 1, 2022, that allows JR tickets and commuter passes to be used on some sections of the highway bus Anan-Osaka route, with the aim of improving the convenience of local passenger transportation services in the southern Tokushima region and creating a Shikoku model for an optimal and sustainable public transportation network in Shikoku. This enables users to freely choose between buses and railroads as their mode of transportation, and allows them to make transportation choices that suit their lifestyles.
In addition, JR Shikoku’s ticketless application “Shikoku Smart Ekichan” has created an environment where various mobility services can be used with a single smartphone (currently only rail and bus services). This initiative is the first of its kind in Japan, and we plan to further expand the area to improve the user environment for our customers.

* Details of joint management
 ・JR tickets can be used for intermediate stops on Tokushima Bus’s “Muroto, Ikumi, Anan-Osaka Route.”
 ・When transferring between railroads and buses, a through fare based on JR tickets shall be applied.


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