Improving customer satisfaction by putting the
customer’s perspective first

Improving customer satisfaction by putting the customer’s perspective first

Grasping the level of customer satisfaction and using it to improve services

We recognize the results of customer satisfaction surveys and customer opinions and requests as important hints for our company management, and use them to improve problems and services. Opinions, requests, and compliments from customers received through our website or received directly by employees are accumulated in our “Customer Voices” database. This content is published at our in-house network where employees can view them to improve operations and services. There were 2,768 customer voices received in FY2022.


Initiatives to boost the Nankai brand’s likability

Based on analysis customer satisfaction survey results, we are working to “improve customer service and hospitality skills,” “enhance comfort in facility spaces,” and “strengthen information dissemination on the official website.”
With regard to the first, “improving customer service and hospitality skills,” we provide employees in the Railway Division with various training programs necessary for enhancing their ability to respond to customers. Specifically, in addition to improving basic skills in customer service and hospitality, station attendants are trained to respond to customers through roleplaying and to broadcast information in the event of an emergency. We also provide ongoing training to improve our response to overseas visitors to Japan.
The second, “enhancing comfort in facility spaces,” involves inviting outside lecturers to hold “CS and Brand Seminars” on the theme of comfort improvement, as well as conducting CS improvement training for railway technical department staff and employees involved in customer service at the Nankai Group Companies to promote the improvement of customer service and hospitality skills. Not only did employees learn about customer service and hospitality, but also the effects of fostering the “Omotenashi Spirit” accumulated through training and brand activities, customers commented that they were being treated with respect.
Regarding the third point, “strengthening information dissemination on the official website,” in August 2022, the website was completely updated with the aim of making it easy to navigate and giving it a unified design to strategically disseminate information.
We will continue to refine these efforts make the Nankai Group a business of choice.


Aiming to boost the Nankai brand’s likability
The Nankai Group has “Bound for good times” as its brand slogan, to work on establishing the Nankai brand.

Initiatives underway to improve customer satisfaction
To provide safety, security, and comfort to our customers, each of our railway departments is committed to daily efforts to improve customer satisfaction, which are described as “We want to deliver ‘Nankaiine (optimistic action)’ to our customers.”

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