Trains stopping at this station

Nankai Line
  • Rapi:tα
  • Rapi:tβ
  • Southern
  • Express
  • Express(Izumisano)
  • Airport Express
  • Section Express
  • Semi-Express
  • Local
Koya Line
  • Koya
  • Rinkan
  • Semboku Liner
  • Rapid Express
  • Express
  • Section Express
  • Semi-Express
  • Local


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Station premises

Barrier-free Information

Wheelchair-accessible restroom
Ostomate Restroom
Nursing Bed
Mobility Scooters
Regular stocked Wheelchairs
Braille Guide

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Assignment time of station staff

    4F Ticket gate

Station staff are stationed.

    1F West Ticket gate

There is no station staff, so please use the intercom to call.

    1F East Counter



    Even if it is during the staff placement time, the station staff may be absent depending on the situation.


    If the station staff are not available, please use the intercom to call the staff.


Information of surrounding facilities

From the mid-1950s onwards, residential development in the suburbs along the railroad lines progressed rapidly, and the number of commuters increased, causing Namba Station to become saturated. Therefore, Shin-Imamiya station was opened in December 1966 with the aim of alleviating congestion at Namba Station by connecting with the JNR Osaka Loop Line (at that time). "Tsutenkaku" located northeast of the station is the second generation that was rebuilt in 1956 (Showa 31). The first generation was built in 1912 (Meiji 45), but it was dismantled in 1943 (Showa 18) during the war as iron material for military use.

Surrounding Facilities

Spa World 《10 minutes on foot from the station》

[Address] 3-4-24 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka [TEL/JP only] 06-6631-0001

Tennoji Zoo 《15 minutes walk from the station》

[Address] 1-108 Chausuyamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 
[TEL/JP only] 06-6771-8401

Tsutenkaku (Shinsekai Area) 《10 minutes walk from the station》

[Address] 1-18-6 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 
[TEL/JP only] 06-6641-9555

Osaka Municipal Museum of Art《20 minutes walk from the station》

[Address] 1-82 Chausuyama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 
[TEL/JP only] 06-6771-4874

Information of Shin-Imamiya Station


1-2-24 Haginochaya, Nishinari-ku, Osaka

Neighborhood Map