ICOCA (IC commuter pass)

ICOCA is an IC card that allows you to board trains and buses simply by touching the ticket gate.

ICOCA can be used in areas covered by nationwide interoperable service.

Features of ICOCA

●A convenient IC card that anyone can use! !

    Anyone can use it.

    Cannot be reissued when lost.

There are two ways to purchase ICOCA.

● 5 sales prices to Choose from

Sales amount

1,000 JPY, 2,000 JPY, 3,000 JPY, 5,000 JPY, 10,000 JPY


    Deposit (card issue deposit) 500 yen included


    Payment is available by cash only.

Children ICOCA

    An official ID of the child is required at the time of purchase.

    Child fares are applyed.

    Only the customer (named person) listed on the card can use it.

    Cannot be reissued when lost.

    Valid until March 31 of the year in which the named person turns 12 years old.

    It is on sale at the commuter pass counter.

IC commuter pass (ICOCA)