IC commuter pass - Lost reissue

Lost reissue

If your IC commuter pass is lost or stolen, it may be reissued according to the prescribed procedures.

PiTaPa commuter pass

1. Please contact the "PiTaPa Call Center Loss/Theft Desk" and follow the procedure to suspend the use of the lost PiTaPa card.
However, a lost reissuance fee is required to reissue a PiTaPa card. It takes about 2-4 weeks for the reissued card to be delivered.

PiTaPa Call Center Loss/Theft Desk (24/7, JP only)

Navi dial  0570-014-999


    This call will reach Osaka, and the call charge will be borne by the customer.


    If you cannot connect, you can also contact Osaka Number 06-6445-3495.

2. Please fill out the prescribed application form at the commuter pass sales counter and report it to the staff. It will be reissued as a magnetic commuter pass. At that time, identification documents (driver's license, passport, health insurance card, etc.) are required.
However, a lost reissuance fee of 220 yen per card is required.

3. Please use the reissued magnetic commuter pass until the reissued PiTaPa card arrives.
*Please note that if the reissued magnetic commuter pass is lost, it cannot be reissued.

4. When you receive the reissued PiTaPa card, bring the PiTaPa card and the reissued magnetic commuter pass to the commuter pass sales counter, fill out the prescribed application form, and contact the staff. We will transfer the information of the magnetic commuter pass to the PiTaPa card.
(There is no charge for transfers.)

ICOCA commuter pass

1. When your pass is lost or stolen, please go to the Nankai commuter pass sales counter.

2. To apply for and receive a reissue, an official certificate is necessary .

3. A reissue fee of 520 JPY and a new card deposit (card issuance deposit) of 500 yen, totaling 1,020 yen, must be paid in cash.

4. You will receive the reissued card within 14 days from the day following your request.

5. ICOCA commuter passes issued by other companies can be registered for reissuance if lost, but reissues will be handled by the issuing company.

6. If the lost ICOCA is found after being reissued, the deposit (card issue deposit) of 500 yen will be returned. (We will confirm the official certificate.)

7. Any remaining balance on the lost card will be carried over to the new card.

8. Children ICOCA can be reissued.
If a proxy (guardian, etc.) comes to register for the reissuance of a children ICOCA (commuter pass), we will verify the identity of the proxy with an official certificate and something that can prove the relationship with the registered person.


    Even if you have registered for lost reissue, we will not compensate for damages caused by third party's use or refund of ICOCA between the time of loss and registration.


    You will be responsible for the cost of the ride until the ticket is reissued.