Our Managed Office Buildings

We manage the office buildings of various sizes, mainly in the Osaka/Namba area.
The offices are conveniently located near Kansai Airport and situated in the vibrant and unique city of Namba.
We provide high value-added services that utilize the group's assets.

Major Managed Offices in Namba

Parks South Square
Nankai SK Namba Building
Nankai Nippombashi Building
Nankai Nippombashi Building
Nankai Namba Midosuji West
Nankai Namba Midosuji West
Namba Midosuji Center Building



The offices which we manage in Namba aim not only to provide places to work,
but also to enrich the lives of tenant companies and workers based
on our concept of "nankaiine" (optimism for a better future) in day-to-day work.



"Nankaiine" (optimism for a better future) in day-to-day work

We want to bring a little color and "nankaii" to your working life,
not just on special occasions such as a successful presentation or a promotion,
but also each and every day you are at work.
By doing so, we want to help make your days a little brighter,
and our world a little better.
We aim to help build a better society by providing "nankaiine" to all workers,
and to create offices they will love.




Namba is a place where work styles that provide the optimal work-life balance are attainable.
In this video,we will present seamless work styles that capture the essence of Namba,
set in the office buildings and shopping centers that represent the area.



Major Managed Offices in other areas

Nankai Sakai Station Building
Nankai Sakai Station Building
Nankai Wakayamashi Station Building


Shared office