About Substitute transportation

If the customer has a ticket for the troubled section in advance, and the train cannot operate, etc., request another railway company to use the route of them for the inoperable section.


    Substitute transportation will be implemented when it is determined that there is a problem with train operation and it will take time to restore. However, it may not be carried out depending on the operation status of the requested railway company.

    The implementation of substitute transportation and the target section will be determined according to the extent of the impossibility of operation, etc., so we will inform you each time.

    If you use a route or means of transportation (taxi, etc.) other than the transfer transportation section, you will be responsible for the cost.

    When using substitute transportation, please show the ticket that is eligible for substitute transportation to the ticket gate staff at the station where the substitute transportation is applicable. Please note that separate fare is required if you ride beyond the section covered by substitute transportation.

Railway companies that provide substitute transportation with Nankai Electric Railway

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