Trains stopping at this station

Nankai Line
  • Rapi:tα
  • Rapi:tβ
  • Southern
  • Express
  • Express(Izumisano)
  • Airport Express
  • Section Express
  • Semi-Express
  • Local
Koya Line
  • Koya
  • Rinkan
  • Semboku Liner
  • Rapid Express
  • Express
  • Section Express
  • Semi-Express
  • Local


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Station premises

Barrier-free Information

Wheelchair-accessible restroom
Ostomate Restroom
Nursing Bed
Mobility Scooters
Regular stocked Wheelchairs
Braille Guide

Assignment time of station staff

    3F North ticket gate

Station staff are stationed.

    2F Central ticket gate

Station staff are stationed.

    2F South ticket gate (7:00-23:30)


    Even if it is during the placement time, the staff may be absent depending on the situation.


Information of surrounding facilities

Namba station is a terminal station representing Osaka Minami, which opened in December 1885 (Meiji 18). A long time has passed since the Nankai Building, which faces Midosuji, was completed in July 1932, but its outer walls made of terracotta (decorative unglazed pottery) still boasts a majestic appearance.
In March 1980, the entire "Namba CITY" building opened. Kansai International Airport opened in September 1994, and "Namba SkyO" opened in 2018, functioning as a gateway from Osaka to the world.

Surrounding Facilities

Namba PARKS 《immediately after getting off》

This is a commercial facility where highly sensitive shops are mainly targeted at women around the age of 30 who value their "personality". It consists of select shops like street-level stores and shops that propose unique lifestyles, and you can enjoy shopping in a variety of categories, as well as a restaurant with a terrace on the rooftop park.

[Address] 2-10-70 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka [TEL] 06-6644-7100

Namba CITY 《immediately after getting off》

This is one of Osaka's leading shopping malls, with famous specialty stores on 7 floors of the main building and south building. The first stage opened in November 1978, and the entire building was completed in March 1980. Its sophisticated and attractive urban development has been highly evaluated and supported by a wide range of customers. Through regular zone renewals, we are striving to improve the attractiveness of the town by responding to customer needs.

[Address] 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka [TEL] 06-6644-2960

Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka 《2 minutes on foot from the station》

Combining convenience and comfort just like home, this hotel can be used from one night to medium- to long-term stays. Guest rooms ranging from 28㎡ to 77㎡ are fully equipped with a kitchen, washer/dryer, and humidifying air purifier. The hotel also has common facilities such as a steam sauna and a 24-hour gym.

[Address] 1-17-11 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka [TEL] 06-6635-7170

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium 《5 minutes on foot from the station》

[Address] 3-4-36 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka [TEL] 06-6631-0121

Namba Grand Kagetsu 《5 minutes on foot from the station》

[Address] 11-6 Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka [TEL] 06-6641-0888

Namba Marui 《3 minutes on foot from the station》

[Address] 3-8-9 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka [TEL] 06-6634-0101

Namba Yasaka Shrine 《10 minutes on foot from the station》

[Address] 2-9-19 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka [TEL] 06-6641-1149

Information of Namba Station



5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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