Providing lifestyles and services that
address the changes to work styles and

We operate the shared office “Lieffice By NANKAI” with the aim of providing office services tailored to the diversification of work styles. In addition to Sakai Station on the Nankai Line and Semboku Rapid Railway’s Izumigaoka Station, which opened in 2021, a third branch opened in July 2023 at Sakai Higashi Station on the Nankai Koya Line. For the convenience of our members, we have partnered with a total of seven workspaces operated by other companies, mainly in the central area of Osaka City, to provide services for a variety of work scenes.
This fiscal year, the floor where employees belonging to the Community Development Group work was extensively renovated, and a free address system was introduced, transcending the boundaries between departments. With the keywords of “connection,” “communication,” and “diversification of work styles,” we are building an organization and office that can flexibly respond to the VUCA era, and in particular, our employees are working on their own to create a comfortable work environment and a culture that encourages taking on new challenges. By applying this approach—which is implemented by our employees themselves—to our own business, we will provide comfortable offices that better meet the needs of our customers.

Opened “Lieffice Sakai-Higashi”