Revitalizing local communities with railway stations as hubs

Revitalizing local communities with Nakamozu and Yoshiminosato stations

The Nankai Electric Railway Group, in cooperation with local governments and others, aims to create communities that are “good for the global environment,” “good for people of all generations,” and “resistant to natural disasters” by providing various services necessary for all aspects of daily life. These include the development of commercial, office, and residential buildings, promotion of tourism and local industries, and support for entrepreneurs, based on comfortable transportation services mainly at major stations along our railway lines.
For example, Nakamozu station is currently undergoing renovation work to improve transfer convenience and station attractiveness. In September 2022, the ticket gate was relocated to shorten the transfer route. We continue to beautify the station and renovate the retail section. We aspire to create a station with a dignified and luxurious atmosphere that will be a pleasant and relaxing place to spend time, in addition to being used for transfers, and that will be crowded with customers.
In addition, Yoshiminosato Station is collaborating with the town of Tajiri to drive urban development centered on train stations. In March 2023, the station’s front plaza was opened, and thestation was renovated with a warm, wood-grained design in addition to shortening the customer flow line by relocating the crossing track and constructing a new waiting room in the station building. The community facility “Machi Ai Terrace,” located in the station’s front plaza, was also opened, creating a lively place for local customers and other visitors. The station’s front plaza and station building will become a new gateway to the city, leading to further revitalization of the surrounding area.

Yoshiminosato Station building and community facilities