PiTaPa (IC commuter pass/New Purchace)

PiTaPa (IC commuter pass/New Purchace)

    When you purchace a new pass, it may be purchased from 14 days before the start date of use.

    New purchases are limited to regular commuting passes.


Select "Buy a commuter pass (定期券を買う)" on the touch panel.


Select "Purchasing a PiTaPa IC commuter pass (PiTaPa定期券を購入される方)" on the touch panel.


Insert your PiTaPa card.


    A PiTaPa card with a printed commuter pass is required.


Enter your date of birth.


    We will verify your identity with the date of birth recorded in the PiTaPa card and the information you entered.


Enter and select the following info.


    Name of the boarding and alighting station

    Validity period and the start date of use


    You cannot purchase an IC commuter pass with a validity period that exceeds the card's expiration date.


Select "Agree(同意する)" on the touch panel.


    The personal information you entered will be registered for contact and confirmation in the event of loss, refund, or reissue.


    If you do not agree, we cannot provide you passes.


Enter your gender, phone number (required from the area code), and postal code.


Please check the information displayed on the screen and select a payment method.


    If there is a correction, touch that area.


Please pay by cash or credit card. An IC commuter pass will be issued.


    If you have a ticket for purchasing a commuter pass, please put it in first.


    Payments with Children PiTaPa cards cannot be used at pink ticket vending machines.


    When using a credit card, please enter your PIN.