Trains stopping at this station

Nankai Line
  • Semi-Express
  • Local

Barrier-free Information

Wheelchair-accessible restroom
Ostomate Restroom
Nursing Bed
Mobility Scooters
Regular stocked Wheelchairs
Braille Guide

    Voice guidance is not provided.

Assignment time of station staff

Staff are at the station throughout the day.


    Even if it is during the staff placement time, the station staff may be absent depending on the situation.


    If the station staff are not available, please use the intercom to call the staff.


Information of surrounding facilities

Takaishi station opened in March 1901. The station name at that time was named "Kuzunoha" after Shinodamori Kuzunoha Inari Shrine (Kuzunoha, Izumi City). In August 1941, the name was changed from the place name to "Takaishi-cho", and in December 1966, the month following the implementation of the municipal system, the name was changed to "Takaishi". In April 1969, the remodeling work of the station was completed, and it began operations as the first station building on the bridge of the Nankai Line. In the past, a residential area was formed around the coastal area on the west side of the station, but combined with changes in the living environment due to the development of the Senboku Rinkai Industrial Area, and a new flow of people began to flow to the east side of the station. In May 2016, the outbound line (for Kansai Airport and Wakayama City) was elevated, and in May 2021, the inbound line (for Namba) was elevated.

Surrounding Facilities

Takaishi Citizen's Cultural Center (Apla Hall) 《1 minute walk from the station》

It is a facility with a civic culture hall, a lifelong learning center, a library, and a consumer affairs center.

[Address] 1-9-1 Ayazono, Takaishi [TEL/JP only] 072-267-0018

Information of Takaishi Station


1-10-18 Chiyoda, Takaishi City

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