Takashinohama Line KYARABASHI

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Takashinohama Line
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Wheelchair-accessible restroom
Ostomate Restroom
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Assignment time of station staff

Staff are at the train ticket gates throughout the day.

    Bus ticket gate





    Even if it is during the staff placement time, the station staff may be absent depending on the situation.


    Please use the intercom to call staff of bus ticket gates.


Information of surrounding facilities

Hagoromo station opened in March 1912. The name of the station is said to be derived from the Hagoromo no Matsu, which was called one of the three famous pine trees of Hamadera along with Senryomatsu and Hakuja no Matsu. After the opening, the name of the place was changed from Imazaikemura to Hagoromo. This station is the closest to the southern part of Hamadera Park, which was established in 1873. In May 2016, the outbound line (for Kansai Airport and Wakayama City) was elevated, and in May 2021, the inbound line (for Namba) was elevated.

Surrounding Facilities

Hamadera Park 《5 minutes walk from the station》

It is a park that boasts a beautiful pine forest that has been selected as one of the "Top 100 Pine Trees". Designated as a park in 1873, it is one of the oldest parks in Osaka. The park has a pool with a giant slide, a rose garden, a traffic park, etc., and is popular with many people as a comprehensive park.

[Address] Hamadera Koen-cho, Nishi-ku, Sakai [TEL/JP only] 072-262-6300

Rinkai Sports Center 《About a 3-minute walk from Takashinohama Station on the Takashinohama Line》

"Rinspo" is a facility where you can easily enjoy sports such as ice skating, tennis, and futsal.
Closed every Thursday (the next day if it falls on a holiday)

[Address] Takashi Hamachō 6 [TEL/JP only] 072-268-8351

Osaka International Youth Hostel/Hagoromo Youth Activity Center Of Osaka 《About 15 minutes on foot from the station》

Osaka International Youth Hostel is a youth hostel located at the southern end of Hamadera Park. It is a lodging and training facility that is jointly built with the Hagoromo Youth Activity Center Of Osaka and is used for youth training and activities.

[Address] Hagoromo Park, Takaishi [TEL/JP only] 072-265-8539

Information of Hagoromo Station


1-15-16, Hagoromo, Takaishi

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