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Koya Line
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Barrier-free Information

Wheelchair-accessible restroom
Ostomate Restroom
Nursing Bed
Mobility Scooters
Regular stocked Wheelchairs
Braille Guide

    Voice guidance is not provided.

Assignment time of station staff

Station staff are absent all day.


    Please use the intercom to call staff.


Information of surrounding facilities

Mozuhachiman station opened in September 1900, about two years after the opening of the section between Ookoji (present Sakaihigashi) and Sayama. About 900 meters south of the station is the Mozu Hachimangu Shrine, from which the station was named. Every September around the time of the Mid-Autumn Moon, a splendid "Moon Viewing Festival" that 16 futon drums of various sizes are used is held, attracting a large number of spectators. The Mozu Burial Mounds (World Heritage Site) in the area around the station currently has 46 large and small burial mounds (20 keyhole-shaped burial mounds, 21 round burial mounds, and 5 square burial mounds), including some that were partially destroyed.

Surrounding Facilities

Mozu Hachimangu Shrine 《10 minutes walk from the station》

[Address] 5-706 Mozu Akahatacho, Kita-ku, Sakai City 

[TEL/JP only] 072-252-1089

Information of Mozuhachiman Station


2-12-17 Koryo Higashimachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi

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