PiTaPa - How to pass ticket gates

How to pass ticket gates

Touch your PiTapa to the illustrated part of the IC card ticket gate (pink ticket gate or Pitapa blue ticket gate).
Please touch for about 1 second.

Experience the convenient PiTaPa - You can use it in areas other than Nankai and Semboku Rapid Railway with just one PiTaPa card!

    Pitapa cannot be used as an admission ticket.

    You cannot transfer from the PiTaPa transportation area to outside only by PiTaPa. Please purchase a ticket in cash in advance.

    If there are other IC cards, coins, precious metals, etc. in the pass case, the information on the card may not be read correctly and you may not be able to pass through the ticket gate.

    Do not put two or more IC cards (PiTaPa and ICOCA, etc.) in a pass case. In some cases, the fare may not be collected corectly, or the ticket may not be available at ticket gates, etc.

    Only the person listed in the name entry column on the back of the PiTaPa card can use it.

    Pitapa cannot be used when trains cannot operate, when there is a power outage, ticket gate failure, or other system failure.

    In addition, matters related to the use of transportation are subject to the provisions of the terms and conditions of the transportation facility you use.