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Wheelchair-accessible restroom
Ostomate Restroom
Nursing Bed
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    The slope at the down route does not match the standards.

Assignment time of station staff

    East ticket gate (for Koyasan)

Staff are at the station throughout the day.

    West ticket gate (for Namba)

There is no station staff, so please use the intercom to call.


    Even if it is during the staff placement time, the station staff may be absent depending on the situation.


Information of surrounding facilities

Tezukayama station opened in December 1934. The area around the station has developed as a luxury residential area since the Taisho period. Proceed to the east and cross the Hankai-Uemachi Line to Bandaiike Park, a place for citizens to relax and stroll. Bandaiike Pond is said to have been a moat around the tomb. The Tezukayama Burial Mound on the west side of the station is said to be the tomb of Otomo no Kanemura, who ruled this area around the 5th and 6th centuries, and is one of Osaka's three great keyhole-shaped burial mounds along with Mt. Chausu (Tennoji Ward) and Mt.Okachiyama(Ikuno Ward).

Information of Tezukayama Station


1-5-8 Tezukayama Nishi, Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City

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