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Assignment time of station staff

    East ticket gate

Staff are at the station throughout the day.

    West ticket gate

There is no station staff, so please use the intercom to call.

    South ticket gate

There is no station staff, so please use the intercom to call.


    Even if it is during the staff placement time, the station staff may be absent depending on the situation.


Information of surrounding facilities

Sakai station opened in May 1888, when Hankai Railway, the predecessor of our company, opened a line to Azumabashi in Sakai. The current Nankai Sakai Station Building was completed in December 1997. Of the 7 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, the 1st and 2nd floors are used as station facilities. In July 2000, the commercial facility "Plat Plat" opened on the north side of the station. The 18-meter-tall "Phoenix Arch" monument stands out on the east side of the square in front of the station, and there is a bus terminal that functions as the transportation hub of Sakai City. In 2001, it was selected as a certified station in the 2nd "100 Selections of Kinki Stations".

Surrounding Facilities

PLATPLAT 《Soon from the station》

PLATPLAT opened in July 2000 as a commercial facility directly connected to Sakai Station on the Nankai Main Line. It is a commercial facility with a unique design, such as a free street full of openness designed as a colorful festival design with the theme of "freedom, interaction, and liveliness". Targeting a wide range of customers, it consists of supermarkets, home appliances store, book store, pet shops, large household goods stores, as well as specialty stores such as fashion, miscellaneous goods, and restaurants.

[Address] 3-22-1 Ebisujima-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai   [TEL/JP only] 072-225-5500

Ohama Park 《10 minutes walk from the station》

The park was born as a seaside park in 1879 and became famous. Currently, the 16-hectare site has a baseball field, swimming pool, gymnasium, sumo wrestling ring, monkey island, etc., making it a recreational space that can be used casually.

[Address] 4/5 Ohamakitamachi, Sakai-ku, Sakai City  [TEL/JP only] 072-232-1489

Sakaihama Seaside Stage《About 17 minutes by bus from the west exit of Sakai Station, get off at "Sakaihama Seaside Stage"》

The entertainment zone consists of three main zones: the “Amusement Zone” with cinema complexes, restaurants, and playgrounds, the “Living Zone” with large electronics stores and lifestyle specialty stores, and the “Relaxation Zone” with natural hot springs and healing spas. In addition to these well-equipped facilities, the charm of "Sakaihama Seaside Stage" lies in its beautiful nature. The deep blue sea, sunshine, and lush greenery provide visitors a relaxing time. If you go a little further, you will find the "Fureai Square with the Sea",where you can enjoy nature to the fullest with its spacious lawn park, dog run, and barbecue area. Bustling with many people, it is a stage that creates a fun and rich time.

[Address] 1 Chikko Yawatamachi, Sakai City  [TEL/JP only] 072-226-4800

SAKAI TRADITIONAL CRAFTS MUSEUM (Sakai HAMONO Museum) 《13 minutes walk from the station》

"Sakai knives" continue to be used throughout the country due to their special sharpness. SAKAI TRADITIONAL CRAFTS MUSEUM is the place where you can "see", "touch", and "experience", Sakai knives. The “SAKAI TRADITIONAL CRAFTS MUSEUM” is nicknamed the “Sakai HAMONO Museum” and is familiar to many visitors.

[Address] 1-13 Zaimokucho Nishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai  [TEL/JP only] 072-227-1001

Information of Sakai Station


3-22 Ebisujima-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi

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