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Information of surrounding facilities

Miyukitsuji station opened in March 1915 when the Koya Tozan Railway opened between Mikkaichicho Station and Hashimoto Station. When extending this line, there was a plan to reach the railway to Hashimoto via Gomao on the east side, but after various considerations, it is said that it was decided that it would be more advantageous to go via this area. The name of the station, "Miyukitsuji", comes from the historical fact that the emperor visited this area, which was once called "Tsuji". Hashimoto Country Club, located about 2 kilometers east of the station, is a large-scale golf course with 27 holes on a hilly area of about 240 hectares.

Surrounding Facilities

Sugimura Park 《15 minutes walk from the station》

There is a local museum, a lawn square, and a suspension bridge, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll.

[Address] 786 Miyukitsuji, Hashimoto 
[TEL/JP only] 0736-33-2317

Koyasu Jizoji Temple 《25 minutes walk from the station》

Worshiped as a place to pray for safe childbirth, it is famous for the Kishu Tokugawa clan's prayer temple, and as the temple of wisterias (the best time to see them is from late April to Golden Week).

[Address] 94 Shobutani, Hashimoto 

[TEL/JP only] 0736-32-1774 (Wisteria Information Dial TEL/JP only 0736-34-2487) (4/15-5/5)

Information of Miyukitsuji Station


567-1 Miyukitsuji, Hashimoto

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