Limited Express Southern Southern is a Limited Express that connects Osaka, Namba and Kishu Wakayama.

Features of Limited Express Southern

Further south - Reserved seat Limited Express Southern Premium 12000 Series
What we aimed for was a moving space that is one class higher.
By adopting new functions and facilities that focus on the comfort of each individual guest, we offer high-grade travel time for everyday activities, leisure, and business occasions.
*The Limited Express Southern operates as an 8-car train consisting of 4 reserved-seat cars and 4 unreserved-seat cars.
You can ride the non-reserved seat car without reserved seat tickets.

Vehicle Design

Designed by the concept "South Wave"

The blue line leading from the front of the vehicle to the upper side of the vehicle and the rounded blue and orange lines on the lower side of the vehicle are the "waves" of people and vehicles surging to Osaka Bay and Wakayama, and of people rushing to South Osaka (Minami) from all over the country.

We will create a new "wave" to South Osaka (Minami) with the new Southern.

New Limited Express Southern (12000)
Limited Express Southern (10000)
Premium quality for everyday travel!

Running Area

Nankai Line

Namba to Wakayamashi (Wakayamako)

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Train Stops


Zone Adult Fee Child Fee
All areas 520JPY 260JPY

Purchasing Limited Express tickets

Purchasing Online

Nankai Reservation for Limited Express

    Easy and convenient! Purchase with your smartphone!


    Assign a seat anytime, anywhere!


    Smooth boarding without tickets!

Purchasing at the Ticket Counter

You may purchace tickets at Namba Station, limited express ticket counters, pink ticket vending machines at major stations, limited express ticket vending machines installed on platforms, and major travel agencies nationwide.


    Tickets will be on sale from one month ago.


    If there are vacant seats on the day you wish to ride the Limited Express, you can also purchase limited express tickets from vending machines.

Limited Express Southern 10000

* Smoking is prohibited in all cars.

Car 1

Car 2

Car 3

Car 4

Limited Express Southern / Semboku Liner 12000

* Smoking is prohibited in all cars.

Car 1

Car 2

Car 3

Car 4