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Kada Line
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Kada Sakana Line

Kada Line(Kada Sakana Line)Sightseeing Train Medetai Densha

Barrier-free Information

Wheelchair-accessible restroom
Ostomate Restroom
Nursing Bed
Mobility Scooters
Regular stocked Wheelchairs
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Assignment time of station staff

Staff are at the station throughout the day.


    Even if it is during the staff placement time, the station staff may be absent depending on the situation.


    If the station staff are not available, please use the intercom to call the staff.


Information of surrounding facilities

Hachimammae station opened in June 1912 when the Kada Light Railway opened the section between Wakayamaguchi Station (West Bank of Kinokawa) and Kada Station. About 1.5 kilometers north of the station, you will find Kimoto Hachimangu Shrine, which is the origin of the station's name. As an old shrine that enshrines Emperor Ojin, it is highly revered by the locals. The Kinomoto Lion Dance, which is dedicated at the annual festival in October every year, is an intangible cultural property of Wakayama Prefecture with a tradition of over 500 years. A majestic lion dance is performed on two bamboo sticks that are placed about 5 meters above the ground.

Surrounding Facilities

Wakayama Rousai Hospital《10 minutes walk from the station》

[Address] 93-1 Kinomoto, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture  
[TEL] 073-451-3181

Information of Hachimammae Station


222-2, Koya, Wakayama

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