Limited Express Rapi:t Upgrade Service

Customers who have registered as members of the "Reservation for Limited Express*" and customers who purchase a "Commuter Limited Express Ticket" will be able to ride the Super Seat at the price of a Regular Seat when using the Limited Express Rapi:t. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy convenient and convenient airport access.


    This does not apply to purchases made without registering as a member of the "Reservation for Limited Express".

Service Start Date

From April 1, 2018 (end date undecided)

Special express ticket eligible for discount

Special express ticket for the Limited Express Rapi:t "Super Seat" (cars 5 and 6) sold to "Reservation for Limited Express" members-only


Adult 730JPY → 520JPY

Child 470JPY → 260JPY


    Super seats between Izumisano Station and Kansai-Airport Station (specific charge section) will also be charged as above.


    If you purchase the ticket without registering as a member of "Reservation for Limited Express" , you will be charged the regular price.

【How to buy】

Please use your computer, smartphone, etc. to purchase a Limited Express ticket.(A boarding ticket is required in addition to the Reserved Seat ticket when boarding.)