Semboku Liner Semboku Liner is a Limited Express that connects Osaka, Namba and Semboku New Town.

Features of Semboku Liner

Semboku Liner, which began to operate from 2015, connects Namba and Izumi-Chuo in 29 minutes at the earlies , delivering a comfortable and high-quality space and time.

Vehicle Design (12000)

The basic color of Semboku Liner is gold, and blue and black lines are applied making the exterior gorgeous like no other. On the other hand, the interior has a calm tone so that customers can relax.

In the symbol mark, the center star represents "newness", and the surrounding four circles represent "the four areas of the new town (Izumigaoka, Toga-Mikita, Komyoike, and Trois verts Izumi)".

* Kyoto Opal is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation, and is a generic name for synthetic opals such as colored opals that the company develops as decorative materials.

Main Features of Semboku Liner (12000)

Exterior Design

The symbol mark of the Semboku Liner is placed on the side of the vehicle body of the head vehicle bound to Izumi-Chuo.

Interior Design

Dark wood grain is used to create a calm and relaxing interior.
In addition, the color of the seat is the same color as the four circles of the symbol mark for each vehicle.

Promotion of barrier-free facilities and consideration for the environment

A liquid crystal in-vehicle guidance display is adopted, and a variety of information guidance is provided using notations and images in four languages.
In addition, LEDs are used for all lighting fixtures, including interior lighting and headlights, to further reduce power consumption.

Special Entrance

The deck is a golden space with specifications that makes you feel extraordinary.

Running Area

Namba to Izumi-chuo

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Train Stops


Zone Adult Fee Child Fee
All areas 520JPY 260JPY

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Purchasing Online

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Purchasing at the Ticket Counter

You may purchace tickets at Namba Station, limited express ticket counters, pink ticket vending machines at major stations, limited express ticket vending machines installed on platforms, and major travel agencies nationwide.


    Tickets will be on sale from one month ago.


    If there are vacant seats on the day you wish to ride the Limited Express, you can also purchase limited express tickets from vending machines.

Semboku Liner 11000

* Smoking is prohibited in all cars.

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Semboku Liner 12000

* Smoking is prohibited in all cars.

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