1. About the trains you can search

You can search the timetable of our railway line and Semboku line on weekdays and weekend. Extra trains cannot be searched in this system.

2. About the transfer time

In this system, transfer time is set so that customers can make a transfer without hurrying. We are trying to choose the best train that you can transfer to. However, we cannot guarantee the result of the search because the transfer time depends on how many belongings you have or how crowded the station is.

3. About the delay of the train

In this system, the timetable doesn't respond to the change of the timetable because of the delay or other reason.Depending on the operation, you can catch a train earlier than the one you search in this system.

4. About Ltd. Exp fare

To take rapi:t, Southern(reserved-seat car), Koya, Rinkan, Semboku Liner, you need to have a Ltd. Exp. ticket in addition to the train ticket. Please purchase it at the Ltd. Exp. ticket office.

5. The valid period of the search

In this system, you can search the timetable in three months. However, please search again before riding because the timetable is subject to change.

6. Prohibited matters

Reprinting, copying, processing the data of this system without permission is strictly prohibited.

7. Other information

We will not take any responsibility for the loss you get when you use this system.